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Magic Giraffes
10 February 2009

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Shaahin Bahremand on Looking Up
excellent ! without any mistake . fantastic i will happy if you see my pictures !

Katalog Stron on Looking Up
nice shot ,great compo,bravo wish all the best

Ruch Poparcia on Looking Up
exellent image,fabulous b/w ,Bravo

moodaholic on Horizon
Awesome. Simplicity at it's best! Great scenery by the way.

moodaholic on Looking Up
One of the best industrial photos I have seen lately!

Ralph Jones on Looking Up
5 stars, the long exposure gives this a surreal feeling.

Bishop on Fog on Water
simple, strong, beautiful! :)

Tim on Fog on Water
i really like the simplicity of this shot. calmness is suggested by the reflections.

Ralph Jones on Time
If sometimes less is more, then this a lot! Beautiful minimalist photo. Very calm and tranquil mood.

Spike on Time
Gorgeous. I think I can hear a foghorn in the distance, or maybe a loon.

Jerry on Time
simple and cool. I like it.

dabbler on Shoreline
Such a calming view!

dabbler on Between Sky and Earth
Splendid composition - I really like the counterpoint between the tree and the windmill.

dabbler on Sidewalk
An artist captured by another... wonderful street scene!

dabbler on Inner peace
Yes, indeed - fantastic mood!!!

Ralph Jones on Between Sky and Earth
Excellent composition. This is stunning both technically and artistically.

Ralph Jones on Inner peace
Inner peace indeed! Excellent long exposure and brilliant composition. Today you get 5 stars!

Lee on Inner peace
stunning in its simplicity

bluechameleon on Between Sky and Earth
Sensational image! The trees seem to be in sync, like a yoga movement.

bluechameleon on Over the lilly pond the colours and that bokeh.

alex centrella on Between Sky and Earth
cool !

Ana Lúcia on Between Sky and Earth
Terrific image.

napocoulom on Sidewalk
superb portrait in a superb photo congratulations

Curly on Flight
I think I might have liked to have seen a well stopped down shot with a full dof, it may have been every bit as ...

Self-Indulgence on Flight
I love the backdrop for these birds. Obviously part of the display yet the angle at which you have taken this photo ...

Curly on Lucky One
Great focus and dof.

Self-Indulgence on Exposed to the horizon
I like this wide open look with a lone figure in it.

alex centrella on Untitled
fantastic study of the times.

Self-Indulgence on Untitled
It does have a depression-istic feel to it. Is this the other direction of the road you had yesterday? Very scenic ...

jlm on Untitled
Looks like a road to nowhere. A good one!

Fade ToBLACK on Accordian Player
woooww Well done

k@ on Untitled
Like old 40's images for the great Depression and you wait for the migrants to enter this frame.... I like it*

Kerstin Nelson on Untitled
Great leading line into the horizon.

Self-Indulgence on Seclusion
It's a long, long way. Nice photo.

Ralph Jones on Seclusion
Looks like the road less traveled. Great silhouette.

Benoit Darrieux on Seclusion
Quelle profondeur, ca fait une drole d'impression.

Helder on Wisps
Very nice shot, great colours

Mirjam on Wisps
I also like the very nice tones.

Ralph Jones on Wisps
I like the tone in this.

Stefan on Trapped in Time

Jerry - a moment in time [...] on Trapped in Time

k@ on This Place
Love your luminous B&W and the scene caught here ;)

Benoit Darrieux on This Place
No network ??

6ft5 on Tethered to hope
His pacemaker is connected to that machine :)

Ralph Jones on Tethered to hope
Profound title!

bluechameleon on Slave to the Slots
A sneaky shot and well done! It's amazing how people are so mesmerized when in a casino.

Ralph Jones on When the chips are down
This is incredible, you must either own the casino or have some pretty impressive photos of the casino owner.

Ralph Jones on Slave to the Slots
How the ... ? I get asked to move along if I even drive by the casinos here with the lens cap on.

BironPhotography on Slave to the Slots
Shot from the hip ... :-)

Amanda on Slave to the Slots
How did you get all of these shots in a casino? I tried to take a few in Las Vegas and was immediately yelled at by ...

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